Jeremy, Andrew, Will and Jules were college roommates and baseball teammates at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS.  Separated by the Mississippi River growing up, Jeremy and Jules were born and raised in Louisiana and Andrew and Will hail from Mississippi.  After graduating college the four of them moved on from Jackson and pursued their next chapters in life but vowed to never lose touch.  So, they began an annual hunting trip together.

It was on one of these hunting trips that the four of them decided it was time to name this "club" of theirs. All of them being proud of their roots and seeing how two of them were from Louisiana and the other two were from Mississippi, they decided on a name that brought the two states together. Thus, Cajun Magnolia Hunting Club was born.

Quickly, however, they realized their name didn't fit their passion. They were more than a hunting club, they were four guys who loved the outdoors and exploring the Creator's masterpiece of nature. But their passion didn't stop there. They wanted to share this love of the outdoors with others. So, they decided to change their name to Cajun Magnolia Outdoors (CMO) and create a product that would allow others to join their "club". Welcome to Cajun Magnolia Outdoors! At CMO, we want you to enjoy the outdoors, chase your passion, enjoy life, dream big, and look ridicously good wearing our gear. We appreciate your support so much.