CMO Letter Logo Hat

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The CMO letter logo was inspired by the Mississippi River and the way it curves through Mississippi and Louisiana. While it physically separates the two shores of the states, it joins them along with many others in this great country as we share the waters that flow through it and into the Gulf. We love our roots and where we come from and the Mississippi River is a way for us to share that with the so many people its waters touch. 


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Jon Murray Jun 22nd 2020

This hat made me a better man

I love my new hat from CMO. I threw out all my other hats because none can compare to the feeling I get when I place this on my head. My wife instantly started making out with me, the kids gasped. As I walked down the street, my neighbors gave me smiles and nods of approval, where as before they simply ignored my friendly waves. This hat has made me a better man and brings out the best in me. My wife’s words, not mine. If you care about yourself in any way, order this hat. You won’t regret it.

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